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More Information on adding/changing information on POST

Thank you for your interest and support of POST

There are basically 2 methods to add material to POST: (1) electronic downloads from AKC of new titles and of new stud book entries; and (2) manual updates.

ELECTRONIC UPDATES: Clayton Heathcock now receives downloads of new AKC titles (except CGC recognition), so AKC titles are added electronically to RRs already on POST, or new files are established for those not already on POST. Clayton also gets the AKC studbook downloads. So Clayton handles those electronic updates/additions to POST.

MANUAL UPDATES: We currently only accept corrections, new manual additions will be processed at a later date TBD..

In order for POST files to be as accurate and as complete as humanly possible, we ask for COPIES of some kind of official documentation for information submitted for manual updates. In the case of pedigrees, that would be an AKC-issued pedigree (or from official foreign registry) as opposed to one prepared by a breeder or owner. This not only insures the accuracy of the material - barring any typos I might make ;-) - but it also provides the necessary registration numbers. A record is made for each dog on POST; registration numbers link offspring to sire and dam and produces a pedigree (sire and dam must be entered before offspring for this to work). In the case of adding a new dog, if the sire and dam are already on POST and both have a complete pedigree, a copy of the registration certificate for their offspring would suffice. Any information you want included that is not official, such as call name, may be written in on material submitted. For ROM titles, I will add those when I receive official list or copy of ROM certificate.

When you submit material, it would be VERY HELPFUL if you highlight or some way indicate what information needs to added. For example, if you send a pedigree to complete a POST pedigree (or to correct a name), please indicate which names on that pedigree need attention and what action needs to be taken rather than leaving it up to me to search POST for EVERY name on the pedigree to see what needs to be corrected – very time consuming and I might miss something. Often a POST pedigree is incomplete although the missing dogs may be in POST already – but the link to sire and dam has not been made.

Documents for POST should be MAILED to:

Erik Wendelboe
1701 Tanager Way
Roseville, CA 95747-4925

PICTURES: Clayton Heathcock handles pictures for POST. For each photo crop to show dog only and resize to 480 pixels wide. Name each file by dog’s REGISTRATION # - the following format: AKC#.jpg. For example, if you are submitting a photo of a dog with AKC number HM889499, the correct name for the photo file is HM889499.jpg. Send picures as an attachment to an email to:

Thanks, again for your interest in POST.



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